Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Will Sabah Umno BN Leaders Come Out of Hiding? – Dr. Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU: “Kudos to Datuk Ghafur Salleh for his lone and sober voice and advice to Putrajaya to listen to the grouses of the people instead of threatening them with arrest.  It certain put to shame another federal Minister from Umno Sabah and other BN leaders who have parroted Malayan federal leaders in threatening Sabahans and Sarawakians with arrest for voicing out the rights of the Borneo States” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of STAR Sabah in supporting Datuk Ghafur’s call to Putrajaya to listen to grievances of the people.

Datuk Ghafur was spot on in saying that there is basis in the grievances arising from the unfair treatment of Sabah and Sarawak by the federal government.

Sabah in particular need more leaders like him to say the truth about the injustices inflicted on Sabah by the federal government.

There is no room for federal Ministers from Malaya and Sabah to act like gangsters threatening the ordinary people in the streets that just want fairness for Sabah and for Sabah’s rights to be respected and fulfilled.

There is also no room for federal Ministers from Malaya and Sabah to twist the security situation in Sabah and infer that only the Barisan Nasional can guarantee Sabah’s security.  It is the responsibility and moral obligation of the federal government to provide security and fulfil their promise of security.

The insecurity and lack of security in Sabah is caused none other than the Umno-led federal government in creating a monster through Project IC and the arming and training of militants.  It is these militants that are now back biting the very hand that funded and armed them.  

Project IC is still being copied through the issuance of dubious MyKads and ICs to Bugis, Pakistanis and Indian muslims, creating another monster and time-bomb.

In any law-abiding government, such perpetuators would have hanged or shot for treason and for selling out their country.

Unfortunately, until before Datuk Ghafur spoke, none of the Sabah Umno/BN leaders have had the guts to voice it publicly that Sabah has been wronged by the federal government and that there are genuine injustices to be addressed.

Injustice in Sabah being pulled into formation of Malaysia to solve Malaya’s and Singapore’s problems and then left hanging with nothing other than its dwindling dignity and 5% of its oil resources.   Injustices caused by the deliberate and intentional distortion of history and the formation of Malaysia.  Injustices in being down-graded from an equal partner to be the 12th State of Malaya masquerading as Malaysia and being controlled and exploited as a colony. 

Injustices in the taking of Sabah’s rich resources to fund and finance the development of Malaya and leaving Sabah undeveloped and under-developed and as the poorest in the nation.  Injustices in the people re-engineering and reverse ethnic cleansing with foreigners outnumbering genuine locals and giving away the political franchise in the process with foreigners as voters for hire and out-voting locals.

The Sabah Umno/BN leaders right down from the federal Ministers from Sabah and the Chief Minister are fully aware of the injustices and have only been whispering about them in private and behind closed doors. 
Now that Datuk Ghafur has open the door and flood-gates, these Sabah Umno/BN leaders should now stand up to Putrajaya and speak in unison for the restoration of Sabah rights.   The time has come for them to show that they are patriots not only of Sabah but also of Malaysia as their continued silence can lead to the disintegration and break-up.   Time to show that they are true patriots and not traitorous parrots repeating their political masters in Putrajaya.

Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan

Chairman, STAR Sabah / President BHF
18 October 2014


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